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  • Stay Home! by Talavera is our restaurant’s new at-home delivery service bringing our beloved handcrafted Mexican dishes directly to you.
  • We deliver everything in our fun refrigerated truck while playing festive music as we drive up to your house, like the ice cream truck but with tacos and margaritas!
  • Once you’re ready to serve your meal, follow the easy directions on the packaging which will help you recreate a restaurant-quality meal at home, all within 10 minutes. Dishes can be stored for up to four days without losing its quality.
  • Our staff is taking all Covid-19 safety guidelines and precautions very seriously and will arrive wearing face masks and gloves for contactless delivery.
  • If you’d like your food to arrive hot and ready-to-serve, Talavera offers takeout, curbside pick-up, and regular delivery via UberEats.
  • Not sure how it works? Watch our video to learn more or call us at Talavera 305-444-2955. Follow us along on Instagram @talaveracocina

Order Now for Curbside Pick-Up Only!

Allow 60 minutes from the time you post the order or add a note indicating the desired time.

Available from 11:30 am to 10:00 pm.

Questions? Call us 305-444-2955 (Mon-Sun 9:00 am to 8:00 pm) or send us an email info@stayhomebytalavera.com